Senseless weekend sarcasm : Endurance

A few years back, I sent my spit to  

No, I wasn’t angry at them, it was for a DNA sample.

There were a few surprises, such as

  • 1% Cameroon/Bantu people
  • 1% Native America

Yes, According to my DNA, I’m 1/50th “a person of color.”

People might have believed it of my mom, with her dark hair, but I’m the one on the right:

Pictures taken shortly after the last dinosaur perished.

On occasion, I receive messages announcing more “discoveries” based on my DNA. 

Yesterday, I was advised of “new information” about things like the shape of my ears, if my family line was bald, and — most important of all — the consistency of my ear wax.

Endurance Fitness

You have some DNA differences that are commonly found in elite endurance athletes

At the height of my physical fitness, when I could carry my 4th husband piggyback on my hips for a few hundred feet, I couldn’t make it up a well-traveled trail on a mountain to see a glacier.  10-year-olds were passing me by while I sat on a rock gasping for air.

         Birth Weight

         Probably a normal

Normal birth weight is 5.5 – 8.5 pounds.  I was 5 pounds and came out butt first. 

The skeptic inside me is going…

Skeptical Student Is Skeptical -

…If that were normal, half the world’s mothers would have died in childbirth.

But never fear, there is a caveat that “environment” may have more to do with my normalcy than genes.

Translation:  You can’t sue us if we’re wrong.

I’m wondering what their next “scientific breakthroughs” are going to reveal.  If it’s the size of my feet, don’t bother.   I’ve got that covered.