We all have our devils whispering into our heart, minds and ears.

Or do we?

Tabby's Star faded significantly over three years.

What about that lame explanation — the long awaited “disclosure” from the US government that told us the following:

There is something strange

that’s faster than our planes

if they wanted to kill us

we’d be dead.

People in government seem to lack the ability to create a poetic moment.

If truth be known:

But they can whisper into our brains.  That’s why everyone needs to wear these hats

Aluminium Foil Tin Foil Hat, PNG, 670x435px, Aluminium ...

I’m told there are more lawyers among abductees than any other profession.   I wouldn’t know.  I’m not a lawyer, so I haven’t been abducted.

Devilish creatures they are, whispering into our ears that they don’t exist.

But the United States government is prepared to take immediate action if they land on the White House lawn:

Believe in UFOs? Ready for Alien Disclosure? Joe Biden ...


Sorry, aliens, you’ll have to park your space ships behind MS-13, human traffickers and terrorists.  No green cards for you!

If I failed to make fun of nearly everyone on Earth, my apologies.