Missing cat

Chilly Coon Kitty is missing. 

He’s rarely away from my desk.  

I’ve walked around the property, called his name, and…nothing.

Not a “goodbye”– or a “why the hell aren’t you feeding me?” swat to the wrist.


Here’s a picture I took of him yesterday hanging around with his buddies.

Does he look distressed to you?  Unhealthy?  Frightened?

Why do cats do that to us?  We think everything is just great and then they disappear for a day…or a lifetime.

Cats, it’s seems, are God’s personification of sarcasm.

If you’ve ever heard him meow, it’s like someone crossed a coon cat with a siren. I fear he has somehow contracted laryngitis and gotten lost in his own back yard.

If you’ve seen this face anywhere in North Florida, please let me know.  He’s dumb as a rock, but he’s my very-much-loved dumb as a rock kitty cat.