Pet Peeve number… I’ve lost count

Admit it.  All of us have pet peeves; those personal irritations that no one else in the world cares about.

Here’s one of them:

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Here’s another one:

Aisle hogs

How about a number 3?  

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squirrelly phrases

Just this morning, I heard it

  • in Home Depot from the cashier after buying 10 gallons of odoban.
  • at work from 2 people, and
  • from an automated telephone answering system

By the 27th time I’ve heard it, I’m thinking, “Yes! I’m definitely having a GRATE day!!!”

It’s sort of like listening to someone talk on the radio who, you know, has to say, you know, something in between, you know, words to fill the, you know, spaces.

Imagine someone in your office telling you that he has a lot of work and is going to miss his son’s baseball game.  You say, “Sorry to hear that, have a great day.”

If you’d left out the last 4 words, your co-worker might’ve refrained from giving you that black eye. 

What would I say as a salutation to a conversation instead?

  • Bye.
  • Goodbye
  • Bye Bye

Simple and to the point, a succinct way of saying,

  • “I’m outta here.”
  • “You’re boring me to tears.”
  • “I’ve got work to do.”
  • “I really don’t want to go, but it’s too early in the relationship to tell you that.”