Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : captchas

I just tried to reply to someone else’s post today and they had the 21st century’s idea of a curse:

The mathematical CAPTCHA!  

Never mind that I’m dyslexic and the dots wouldn’t stay still so that I could count them. I’m not good at math.

Obviously, there are other people who share my problem:

I could only wish for a captcha this easy:

I have to wonder about the people who develop Captchas.  Do they sit around all day asking themselves, “What is the best way to produce anxiety in an otherwise sane human being?”

Is there a $10,000 bonus — from companies who produce psychotropic medications — for the creative mind whose captchas have driven the most people to psychiatrists for medication?

Or is there a simpler explanation?

I may never know the answer to those questions, but I really, really wish that the people who create captchas would understand that not everyone has perfect vision, good hearing, and psychic abilities.

I doubt even the best of captcha solvers could get this one right:

Do you know that the letters in captcha spell “cat chap”?

It just seems fitting.