It has come to my attention that my replies to other bloggers are better than my posts. 

Reading the blog I’m answering first will give the reply context.


GrannyK’s blog, Granny Reports, often has within it wisdom not found in today’s world.

Here’s a reply to


It is my belief that everyone over the age of 5 living on Earth is insane — there are simply different levels of insanity. 😊

We are squeezed into a box called “culturalization” whether we fit into it or not. Those of us who think outside that box are made to feel as if something is not right with us. It’s one thing to teach us to respect others. That’s called “survival.” It’s another thing to dictate every tiny aspect of life (what to wear, how to feel, what to think…), a situation which often is at odds with the pronouncement that we should respect others.

I try to remember that famous picture of our galaxy with an arrow pointing at a microscopic star that has 3 simple words, “You are here.” It helps to put things into perspective.

I’m in complete agreement with your statement, “I find as I get older I no longer care if anyone agrees with me or not.” This 9-sided Nonagon will no longer allow itself to be crushed so that it will fit into a box much too small to contain it.

I love reading her down-to-Earth posts as she tackles real life problems in her own unique way.


Then, there’s a blogger from North Carolina called “The Misfit Farmer”  (agrarian misadventures, feats of agricultural exaggeration, plus lessons from a hard-knocking tractor).

My farming technique.

Since I’m adept at killing any flora I try to grow (including plants that are considered weeds), I can relate to his trials and tribulations.

His latest post is about his 10-month-old son’s fixation on tupperware.


I replied: 

I remember those days. My son used to have hours of fun getting into the pots and pans. He’d whack the bottoms with a serving spoon and laugh.

Now he plays oboe, clarinet, English Horn, piano, guitar, and saxophone.

He replied:

Wow, that is impressive. Thomas is a pretty quiet baby, babbling-wise, but he loves to make noise by whacking things. Everything to him is a drum set. If he does end up being musically inclined, I’ll have know idea where he got it from cause his mom and I can’t play any instruments or carry a tune.
I replied: 
He might end up in metallurgy where he can beat up things with abandon — or a chemical engineer finding new and better ways to make tupperware. 😊
Never underestimate the power of a great-grandparent’s genes. My daughter can’t carry a tune and has no musical talent, but she can sell you a cell phone in under 5 minutes. The skill to sell snow to an eskimo came from her great grandfather (maternal). My son’s ability to learn 2 languages besides English in under a year came from that very same grandfather.

I chuckle as I read about his humorous pitfalls and love of the land as he tries to understand how to live on it. 

Sometimes inspiration comes in the strangest places; I’d be honored if people considered my blog one of them.