RANT: A short warning for people with yearly subscriptions.


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Ive been hit with this one twice already.

  1. I paid for a yearly subscription to a site and then couldn’t download what it would take to use it (couldn’t work on my computer).  I was sent a message that said, “Sorry to see you go.  You will have use of this site until April 2022.”  They were going to charge for the whole year, knowing I couldn’t use the subscription.
  2. I paid for a yearly subscription to another site a year ago, and then I cancelled the subscription after a few months of using it.  Suddenly, I have a charge for the subscription that hasn’t gone through the bank yet –it’s pending.  I sent an email telling the site that I didn’t want another yearly subscription, and to remove the charge. This morning, I get a cheery email saying, “We’re sorry to see you go.  You will have use of this site until May 2022.”   It meant that they had no intention of stopping payment.  I sent an email telling them:
Refund the yearly fee.
I am so sick of the antics I’m seeing when it comes to yearly renewals.  I had cancelled this months ago and obviously someone didn’t get the memo.
Yes, I’m angry.  This new tactic that websites are using is nothing less than criminal.  I’ve already had to do a dispute through (my credit card company) for one of them, and the amount was refunded to the account.
Where are the notices saying “your subscription is about to renew?”  I didn’t get one, or the email you are responding to would have been sent to you immediately.
Again, I want this charge TAKEN off.

After I finish the work I have to do for the day, my next feat will be to see which subscriptions I’m using, and which ones I’m not using, then cancel the hell out of them.

If the charge continues to go through, I will dispute the charge.  In fact, being charged for another year without being warned first is like having your card stolen.

I’m not looking forward to memorizing yet another credit card number.