Senseless sarcasm : Fractured wisdom

Contrary to popular belief, I’m not a know-it all.

I’m a know-it-some.

Intelligence is highly overrated.  Being intelligent and choosing to be ignorant is far worse than being unintelligent and trying to learn. 

I think highly of a janitor who worked hard to learn that skill, and have little use for a man with an IQ of 160 who lives in his parents basement playing video games.

We could learn a lot from cats.  They have the intelligence of a rock, but they understand how to mesmerize the human:  purr loudly, meow softly, and sleep cutely.  If your human is untrainable, look for another one.  After all, there’s a sucker born every minute (my apologies to P. T . Barnum).

If I had a dollar for every mistake I’ve made in my life, I’d be living here:

Luxurious mansion in Miami Beach, florida, USA

Question:  If there were a contest to decide who’s made the most mistakes in life, who do you think would win?

My choice:  The universal mind.  Anything that could create Adolf Hitler, serial killers, pedophiles, stinging nettle, wasps, and mile-wide tornadoes can’t be right in the celestial head.

If I don’t wake up tomorrow, it meant the the universal mind was not happy with my choice.

Make your choice in the reply section below.  Have fun with it; after all, no one lives forever.