Advice sarcasm


Things one thinks about at 3 in the morning when one cannot sleep.   

Unsolicited advice.


Advice from the better half:  Pain is all in your head. Cut off your head and it takes away all the pain.

  • What do I cut off when he’s the pain?

Mom used to say, “There’s a silver lining behind every cloud.” 

  • It’s hard to see the silver lining when the rain keeps getting into your eyes.

Dad used to say, “The only hell is the one here on Earth.”   I’m not sure what to think about that one. 

  • Some days, I have to agree. 
  • Other days, Earth is more like purgatory. 
  • There are a few of those unforgettable days of heaven…
  • …and then there’s Alzheimer’s.  

I’ve been told many times that one must plan a course to navigate through life.  My goals aren’t quite that lofty.  Once I plan a course to navigate between the 7 dogs presently on my bed, I’ll try to get some sleep.  

My muttlets are much too spoiled.  The better half says, “They’re not spoiled, they just smell that way.