When the brain just can’t…

I am trying — really I am.

Just ask my better half and he’ll tell you that I’m very, very trying.

But this post isn’t about how hard it is for me to understand the simplest concepts related to any piece of machinery that runs, rusts, or receives emails.

My brain is trying desperately to find the cells, synapses and crevices needed to remember every shred of writing advice that I’ve encountered in the past month.

I just finished reading 2150 A.D., a book published in 1971 and updated in 1976.  Were the book written in 2021, it would break many of the modern day writing rules. Yet it was a best seller for years, and hard cover copies are collector’s items that fetch over $800.

At this moment in time, I’m going to stick to my one and only writing rule:

Write what you love, find a good editor, and remember that Shakespeare had to die before his writing was appreciated.

I’ll sort out the rest of it later.