Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : #Dogs

This is why I love my dogs.

See the brown leg sticking out on the upper right corner?  That’s where I had been sleeping 5 minutes prior. 

I’ve learned the art of sliding my body away from all the arms, legs, and backs without waking the dog bodies.

When I walk toward the front door after work, they pile outside to greet me.  Each face says, “I’m so happy you’re home.”

The only argument we have is over bed space.  They all want to sleep next to me.  If I’m not on the bed, they want to be near my scent.  

However; crawling into bed is one hell of an an exercise routine.

I read that during the potato famine, when half of Ireland was coming to America, each person traveling on the cheap was allotted 18 inches of sleeping space. 

That’s the width of a modern keyboard, from Caps Lock to the enter button on the number’s pad.  

I might have 16 inches, but that doesn’t take into consideration that I often have an entire dog draped over my legs.

See the brown doggie surrounded by 3 other canine companions?  His name is Prince.

Disney always told me that someday my prince would come.  I didn’t know he would be a dog.