Inner conversations: Perspective

The conversation inside my head just before awakening from my 6pm to 10pm nap.

And you wonder why I can’t sleep at night. - Memes - God creates man Man creates lasagna ...




God, the universe and everything.  What is my problem?

You were born.

Why would you throw me onto this insane planet?

I planned it that way.

What did I do to deserve such a fate?

You asked for it.

Am I insane?

No.  You’re adventurous.

A puppy running into the road is adventurous.  You know how that usually turns out.

She either lives or dies.  It’s just flesh.

When our parents, friends, and beloved 4-footed companions die, they’re not just flesh to us.

Don’t worry, I’m taking good care of them.

I wish you’d take good care of Earth.  It’s a disaster area run by politicians who don’t understand what the words “Budget” and “Public Service” mean.

Humans will die away, the Earth will be renewed, and another dominant life form will emerge.

That’s supposed to make me feel better?

No.  It’s supposed to remind you that no matter what you do on this planet, none of it matters.

You’re one giant mass of reassurance.

 Sarcasm doesn’t change the fact that you’re here to endure the ride, get off the roller coaster, and go home. 

No, but it does put it all into perspective.