New-ish bio

I’ve updated my ALLI author bio.

It’s based on my Nudge Wink Report bio that was (and still is) 7 years out of date.

What do you think?

Picture taken when I had more hair.

Joelle loves sarcasm. Her blog is full of it. She believe’s that writing is a great deal more fun and a lot cheaper than psychotherapy.

Her sister, the editor who hates editing, has been driven into therapy by her only sibling whose lack of skill with apostrophes is driving her to the brink of insanity. She refuses to discuss her sister’s lack of skill with commas.

Joelle has worked in the field of developmental disabilities since 1993, where she feels accepted and appreciated. For the past 22 years, her spare time has been devoted to developing and writing a series of books forged from life experiences as well as her experience assisting people with developmental disabilities such as Mental Retardation, Autism, and Cerebral Palsy.

An avid SciFi fan, Joelle reads books using a digital recorder from RFB&D (Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic). She looks forward to the time she spends in front of the computer, her eyes closed to the harsh light of the screen as her fingers furiously type out new and different ways to make life as hard as possible for the characters in her stories.

She has a piece of paper on her wall that says she received a B.S. in Rehabilitation Psychology. However, having been endowed with the attention span of a goldfish, she wonders if this was someone’s idea of a sick joke.

Her writing has included articles in 20th century newsletters. Her 2700+ blog posts can be found at Atto Run and Holding the Lines from The First Level of Hell series, and Immortal Sands, are available on with 200 billion others books.