Today’s thought digression : 2734

My lie for today:


If it were not for the fact that math is my nemesis, I’d be a rocket scientist.


…if you think my math skills are bad, you haven’t tasted my cooking.

A food critic reviews my overcooked lamb reheated with spinach, asparagus and couscous.

As of today, I’ve written 2,734 posts.

Two thousand, seven hundred and thirty four.  

Most people celebrate at 500 or 1,000.   Today I happened to glance at the number.

Why is it a rule that numbers have to be spelled out in a book? 

Take, for example, this tiny portion of Immortal Sands.

“I hadn’t asked for the privileges bestowed on very few of my people, nor would I have accepted immortality if given the choice. My first 200,000 years of life, filled with newness of discovery, became like the roller coasters you love to ride.  After a million rides, the sense of exhilaration becomes stale.”

“How old are you?” Rolf asked.

“I’ve extrapolated the figures.  In another three months, I’ll be 1,503,950.”

One million,

five hundred and three thousand,

nine hundred, and fifty


By the time I get to the last word, I’m grabbing pen and paper to number it out.

It is an oft told tale:  Language is fluid.  I learned in college that you have to be drunk to understand how words flow together.  I can’t count the many profound conversations enjoyed with my friends during those times — if only I could remember what we talked about.