Offensive Miners

This was so perfectly expressed, I asked for permission to reblog.  

My favorite line:  “Stop imitating a kumquat and join the human race.”

I could tell you my 2nd, 3rd, & 4th favorite lines, but I’d rather have you read her excellent observations instead.

Butterfly Sand

Warning!  This rant may include words that are not to everyone’s taste. Please exercise your discretion.

They seem to be everywhere! And they are doing their mining under the cloak of anonymity because of the Internet. Perhaps I should explain. There is, I hope, a small group of individuals who take a perverse delight in trolling through my idyllic childhood looking for something that offends them in the 21st-century. I am not amused.

If something from my childhood offends someone 50 or 60 years later, I’m sorry about that. I’m sure if I went digging in your childhood, I could find something that offended me, if I was actually looking for it.  If a character is depicted in a less than flattering manner then perhaps the character can be changed to accommodate sensibilities decades after the fact. But here’s something I don’t understand: it was a different time…

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