Senseless weekend Sarcasm : why cats have survived

Why cats have survived with humans for over 12,000 years: 

PURRING KITTY…as he contemplates the best way to kill my computer.

Chilly Coon Kitty had an unintentional treat:  half a can of tuna.

It was meant for the Tiny Terror:

Unfortunately, TT wanted freshly cooked chicken and would settle for nothing less.  Insulted that I refused to comply, he ran out the dog door to hunt for fresher fare.

That’s when both the drum and toner on my 15 year old printer began dinging at me like a baby screaming to have its diaper changed.  

While I hunted for an unopened drum and toner, Chilly Coon Kitty devoured what the Tiny Terror had refused to eat.

TT eats anything from Key Lime Pie to beans&rice, but Chilly Coon Kitty can have only a tablespoon of canned cat food as a treat or — as Isaac Newton once said —

“What goes up, must come down.”


I doubt Newton understood the gravity of this situation.

Chilly Coon Kitty’s stomach says, “What went down, must come up.”

And it did — all over the used cartridge, drum, and plastic that once held their replacements.  

I don’t know what cats use to digest their food, but it should be studied for it’s potential as a weapon of mass destruction.

Star Wars said it best.

Plastic garbage bags — what a wonderful idea. 

Roll one up, turn it upside down and, !voilà! the unsightly mass that could melt plastic is gone.  That, and trash from every can in the house, is now outside waiting for tomorrow’s pick-up.

In the meantime, Chilly Coon Kitty discovered that if you bounce your head off the key pad on my phone it makes interesting noises.

And then…he fell asleep…

Tell me…how can you stay mad at that face?