Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Oh-pine.

Every year they attack. 

The pine pollen mini-monsters.

Those tiny little things carried by the wind…

….infiltrating my nostrils…

….traveling down the tracheal toilet, and then…

….lodging into my larynx.  

Head And Neck - Cutaway View Stock Illustration - Image: 55917587

When the Florida winter is warmer, they attack in February.  If winter is colder, they’re pounding away at my sinuses by mid-March.

Some years, it’s not bad — a sniffle and a sneeze, perhaps a bit of wheeze. 

This year? They waited until the time I have my heaviest workload and then…THEN the spirit of wronged pine trees past attacked with a vengeance.

I’ve never killed a pine tree…that I remember. 

Perhaps once…or twice…I might have run over a sapling trying to grow in the middle of the dirt road leading from my house to the paved highway.

But not on purpose.

Why couldn’t I be allergic to something exotic, like Black Orchid pollen — or Venus fly trap pollen.  

Ragweed sounds sinister, but Pine pollen is so…so…blah.

I think the goddess of whispering pine needles heard my plea — and she’s not amused.  My ears are stuffing up and the helium head is filling with concrete.

Who knew that pine trees could be this vindictive?