3am brain slam


The things that get me up at night

  • Bed hog Dogs
  • Insistent Cats
  • Work (as in OMG! I’m going to be fired for sure)
  • Getting all my books published.
  • Wondering if I’ll have a job in 2 years…
  • …hell with that!  Wondering if I’ll be alive in 2 years.
  • worrying about family, friends, and world events I can do nothing about.

How many times have any of us asked, “Why didn’t I take my own advice?

I enjoy reading Sue Vincent’s posts, and found this particular post to be food for thought:  https://thesilenteye.co.uk/2021/01/26/standing-out/

I wrote the following reply: 

One of my favorite quotes from Gandhi: “Nearly everything you do is of no importance, but it is important that you do it.”
We live on one grain of sand, somewhere on a beach we call “the universe.”  Being thankful and doing what we can to help others is not any less, or any more, important to the beach.
My brain — no matter how hard I try — is NOT getting the memo.
One day, I’ll put things into perspective but, obviously, that “perspective” is NOT going to happen at night.