Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge: Shimmer.

Décima Challenge of SHIMMER in the C rhyme line:
  • 10 lines of poetry that rhyme, 8 syllables per line. Rhyming pattern:  ABBAACCDDC OR  two stanzas of ABBA/ACCDDC.



Shining in a desert night sky    

fiery stars above me burn    

I await my master’s return   

A car, not his, passes me by. 


Abandoning pets causes problems for more than animals ...

Darkness descends… I dare not cry.  

She turned around, headlights shimmered

then stopped nearby, her eyes glimmered. 

Ten years together, I face death

Her heart cries out at my last breath

Dark descends…eyes grow dimmer.




Haiku Challenge prompt (FROST and Glint)
  • 3 lines 5 syllables – 7 syllables – 5 syllables


His eyes glint, my heart

fills with frost as my dog barks

at the psychopath.