Ronovan Writes Décima & Haiku poetry challenge :

DÉCIMA: 10 lines of poetry that rhyme. 8 syllables per line.   SET RHYMING PATTERN: ABBAACCDDC OR  two stanzas of ABBA/ACCDDC.

  • THE CHALLENGE WORD:  (CONTRAST) in the A rhyme line.

HAIKU:  3 lines.  5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second line, and 5 in the third line.

  • THE CHALLENGE WORDS:    Child and Grow

If you want to participate, here’s the link:  RONOVAN WRITES



My sister and I, in contrast,

became the bookends of our tome;

world traveler escaping home,

while I tried to escape my past.

barbie doll princess | Beautiful Collections

Alone, she found freedom at last,

I searched for a prince to save me.

To wish for what could never be,

to ask for what was never mine,

a perfect man, almost divine…

civilized into destiny.


HAIKU:  Child and Grow 

Grow children who love,

for brambles cannot form in

a gardener’s care.