What if…

I like to look up “stuff.”

It’s usually stuff I’ve already looked up 50 times before but forgotten — like the length of time that creatures called Homo Sapiens have lived on this Earth.

The more that is uncovered about those who lived 7000 years ago, the greater our understanding that we weren’t mindless cave dwellers whose vocabulary consisted of, “Ugh.”

There were civilizations, and trade routes. 

As of 2020, it is believed that Homo sapiens began 300,000 years ago during a time of great climate change.

An article in 2019 talks about fossils found in Greece.  Encased in rock that was more than 150,000 years old were a Neanderthal skull around 170,000 years old and a 210,000 year old Homo sapiens skull.

In 2011, it was believed that Homo sapiens evolved in Africa between 200,000 and 150,000 years ago.

My SciFi mind goes in more directions than the routes humans took to get from one continent to another.

What if…

  • It only takes Homo Sapiens 7000 years to go from the simple life to space ships?
  • Every 7 or 8 thousand years we get to the point that we can nuke our planet into oblivion?
  • Greece had been the origination point for Homo sapiens?
  • The only safe place when oblivion happens is the South African caves where we might have started civilization over…and over…again?
  • When we get to our present level of technology, all information is digital and nothing of it survives during a world-wide catastrophe (Name one thing that has been built in the last 100 years that would survive as long as a cathedral)?

The Etchmiadzin cathedral built between 301 and 303 AD

You’ve probably noticed that cathedrals and pyramids survive for thousands of years, but modern buildings might not last 100.  We still don’t know who made the pyramids, how it was done, or why.

We don’t know how many times invaders tore down anything they didn’t like in an effort to re-imagine history.  Hey, we’re seeing it happen in our own time — all over the world.

How much knowledge has been gained and lost, gained and lost, time and time again?

And I wonder what keeps me up at night?