Senseless Thursday Sarcasm : Heated & Brrred

Only one word is needed to describe yesterday:  OMG!

Here’s the nutshell version:

“Bring me the report with all the notes attached.”  (Brings me the notes).

“I asked you to get the signature yesterday.”  (Reply:  “We thought he’d be at the party so we waited until today”)  Result:  The signer won’t be in until January 4, making a time-sensitive document 4 days late.

Cleaning crew arrives and I recognize one of the people on it. I look for the plan of support and THERE IS NONE!  Then I scramble to find the email it would have been attached to — and there isn’t one.  There are, however, several email ASKING for the report 2 months ago.

That’s when I emailed the person in charge of the cleaning crew and asked why someone who wasn’t supposed to be returning (thus, I did not pursue the plan of support) is presently vacuuming the hallway?

If that wasn’t bad enough:  I, personally, screwed up 2 documents and can blame no one but moi.

To make matters worse,  I just looked at the weather report. 

Tomorrow night’s forecast is 28F ( or 2.2222C).  Yep, it’s going to be waaaay 2 cold.

Image may contain: people sitting, outdoor and text

Fortunately, all the Iguana’s are in south florida. But we have snakes and chameleons.

We’re scrambling to get the well pump covered, and will be dripping water into the sinks all night so that the pipes don’t break.

Florida can be weird sometimes.  I wonder if this was done on porpoise?


Laughing at this sign is infectious.

If you’re wondering why Florida is so upset at the weather, this tells it all (except the fact that at night it will be 28F):

Image may contain: text that says 'MAX DEFENDER 8 CHRISTMAS PAST 2020 FORECAST HIGH 59° LAST 5 YEARS 2015: 86° 2016: 86° 2017:75° 75° 2018: 74° 2019: 81° wfla ycom'

Wishing everyone a Merry (Florida) Christmas.

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And Pullleeeeeze take your cold weather back up north!

Laugh at us if you want, but we’ll be howling with laughter in August, when we’re comfy in jeans and t-shirts while you look like this:

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You don’t laugh at us in January, we won’t laugh at you in July.