Senseless Sarcasm : Waiting

My brain has returned. 

I wish it were still on vacation.

After a mental exercise I call, “You’re going to get fired for sure,” I’m up at 4 in the middle of the night eating a heart-attack special on Dave’s Killer Bread.

For people who don’t live in the USA, there really IS a bread with that name, and it’s quite nutritious…

Build a better (for you) grilled cheese with gluten-free ...

…except that it’s holding together an egg with generous portions of turkey ham and extra sharp cheddar inside the well-buttered bread.

As I contemplate why, exactly, I’m sitting at my home office desk writing a post this ungodly hour, 

…I remember one painful truth:

When you work for a non-profit organization funded by the government, not everyone understands that if you fail to fill out one redundant form, you might be fined $1000 for each “infraction.”

Or more…

…and that’s why I’m up at 4 in the morning.  

Time management requires all who are involved in the process to gather signatures and send back the paper work in a few days, not a few weeks. 

In defense of people who are one step away from sainthood, I’m not a people person, I’m a paper person.  I haven’t met a piece of blank paper that I hate, unless it’s bright yellow.  But I have shredded more reams of it than I care to admit.

The people who have to get this paperwork signed are busy taking care of people who might not live through the day without them.

Yes, their job takes the patience of a saint.

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My job?

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Waiting for the paperwork

It’s nothing short of overkill to fine an organization into oblivion for prioritizing people over paper.  I mean….Really?  Has anyone ever died because my paperwork wasn’t completed on time?

Fast forward 2 hours.  I made it back to bed around 6 after finding a space between this:

Awoke at 8 in the morning after dreaming about driving a van without windows.

This is all I could see of the path I was taking:

Flash Tutorial | How to animate a map trail or growing ...

Ends up, I was driving through a flea market, most of the booths were demolished, and people were running for their lives.

Not sure what it means, but it’s time for me to sit at my home office computer so that I can chase paperwork and hunt down the people who need to sign it.