Senseless Sarcasm : Request

No, I don’t want money. 

Yes, a few million $$$ would be nice right now, but it’s not the point of this mostly pointless post.

What I want is my brain back.  

writing a pencil | Expanding Brain | Know Your Meme

If anyone finds it running naked down the street, please let me know.  It tends to be indecent, puffing out its lobes at people and all that.

Today, at work:   All my jokes fell flat, I made simple mistakes, and worse yet my temperament resembled that of an annoyed cat.

My ever-present writing companion

Now that the pointless part of this post is over, the annoyed cat in me will ask you to please refrain from doing the same mistakes that I did when I first started blogging — and the self-righteous @$$h01e part of my brain still does on occasion when it’s not thinking.

Blogging etiquette 101

  • Unless someone asks for a link to be added to a reply on their post, ask first.  That includes
    • You tube videos larger than the post receiving the reply.
    • A link to one or more of your posts that you believe is better than the post you’re replying to.
    • A link to your blog that is automatically posted in every single reply to anyone.
  • Yes, when the rule is violated, the violation can be edited out.  There is a function that allows the blogger to require moderation for any words or items they don’t want in their replies.  The “Moderation” feature on my blog is triggered by certain curse words, and by unrequested links added to the replies.
  • When liking 20 posts in a row, remember that the time the like was posted is easily seen in the recipients email.  Although liking posts to show support is appreciated, it can be demoralizing on a bad day when a post taking 5 minutes to read and 2 hours to write has become the victim of a game I call liking leapfrog

Let’s play a game of “SAW IT.”

If you read this to the end,

  1. Please write “saw it” in the reply section, and
  2. Tell me where you last saw my brain and what it was doing.  You’re allowed to be snarky.