Décima  (8 syllables, 10 lines, rhyme pattern: abbaaccddc)

Today’s Décima challenge is the word KNOCKThis word must be one of the A line words. Then the other A line(s) word(s) must rhyme with KNOCK.

For instructions about how to write a decima, or a Haiku, go to the Ronovan Writes blog site.




The holidays, a Christmas sock,

turkey cooking in the oven,

remembering how wrong I’ve been,

my mind listens for Santa’s knock.

14 Creepy Santas Who Might Give You Nightmares

His sleigh is coming t’wards my block,

I cannot change my acts of sin,

the time I laughed at Joey’s chin,

or put that roach in papa’s beer…

The bells!   A ho-ho-ho  – he’s here!

God help me!  Santa’s in the den!