RONOVAN WRITES poetry Challenge : Stable.

This week’s RONOVAN WRITES poetry Challenge.

You may, if you wish, make some kind of link between the Haiku Challenge prompt of (GRACE and Slip), and the Décima word STABLE.

Décima:  The rhyming pattern is abbaaccddc with a choice of a break between lines 4 and 5, then being abba accddc.



I’ve been to churches, large and small,

to other places seeking God.

and yet I find it very odd

to look for truth, and find a wall.


Perhaps the answer to a call

is not the place to which we’re sent,

as time goes on, it’s evident

God resides not in a stable,

nor a building or a fable.

God lives within our hearts intent.


Gracefully I slip

into a meditation

to listen…and learn.