USA: Thanksgiving plans

For Thanksgiving, I’m planning on making a turkey, dressing, and sweet potatoes.  That reminds me; it’s time to put the cranberry sauce in the fridge…and take the turkey out of the freezer.

Here are a few important things to remember about this holiday season:

  1.  Empty the litter box so that your cat doesn’t do this…

2.  If you’re traveling to Grandma’s house, try to avoid the interstate highways.


3.  Never use a cookbook you found in the library’s humor section.  

Those are my tips for this holiday season:

  • Having rice with Thanksgiving dinner is a sacrilege punishable by cat poop.
  • Driving the interstate system in Florida is like watching a low-budget movie called Mad Max meets Die Hard. 
  • If you live in Florida and can’t cook,  buy the ready-made feast from Publix.

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For all of those who don’t heed this advice, I wish you a very merry Franksgiving and a happy new beer.