Greetings for 2020

I’d say that I don’t give an Iota about hurricanes, except there’s a tropical storm Iota that was a hurricane with 155 mph winds.  It destroyed parts of Central America.   

This is an old photo.  It came in as a Category 4 hurricane in exactly the same place as Category 4  Eta.  I doubt people in that area had a great day either time.

Now, it’s moving into the Pacific Ocean.

Tropical Storm Iota forecast to hit Central America at or ...

Estimated as a Cat 3, it actually hit as a Cat 4

Tonight, in Florida, it’s going to be 47F.  I’d rather have a Cat 1 Hurricane.

As you can imagine, I’m rather grumpy. 

Here’s my new greeting for 2020:


I have a second greeting that people with 4-footed family members might like:

Given the weirdness of this year, I’m wondering what’s next?  

Perhaps this is a better greeting?

Thanksgiving is approaching in the USA.  I’m considering this as a greeting card:

Don’t even ask what I want to do for Christmas.