Delusion confusion

Show me a person who says he isn’t delusional, and I’ll show you a delusional person.

Who — out there in the blog-o-sphere — hasn’t experienced the delusional state?  

  • The delusion of being in love, until you find out you’re married to a two-timing @$$hole.
  • Your boss saying, “You want a 2-week vacation during Christmas? Are you delusional?”
  • Sending your mother a scarf every Christmas and refusing to take the hint that she wants you to visit.
  • A mother who refuses to understand that everything else in life will always be more important to Scarf Face, and she needs to find a hobby.

 There are alternatives for people who need companionship, for example:



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In my house, the bed looks like this:

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Last night, Rottie Mutt was at my feet, Pretty Pittie was on one side, and the Bull Dane was on the other — next to Dingo Mutt whose snoring could be used as an air raid siren.

One day, I might be able to sleep through the night without dogs barking at 3 in the morning.

If I believed that, I’d be confusional delusional.

Now, back to my hobby; writing. 

My dogs are very supportive.

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