Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : The rite of writing right

I’m the first to admit that I’m no Hemingway.  

All of us are broken and anyone who is over the age of 5 is insane. Question is, where are we on that bell curve of insanity?

I’m somewhere between -25 and +25, according to the person you ask.  Is there really such a thing as super-normal?  Isn’t it insanity to try to out-normal normal?

Yes, I’ve said before that we’re all insane.  I’ve also said that a writer writes when the rite of writing is right.

English is such a strange language.  Sometimes the words I had had had had different meanings every time I wrote them.  When you finally understand that sentence, please tell me what it says.

I exercise my right to type.  Did you know that typing is good exercise? 

Think about how your legs develop muscles when you run.  My fingers are running all over the keyboard every day. 

Sound crazy?  I can pick up a gallon of milk with my index finger and carry it from the store to the car.  Then I can type a few thousand words when I arrive home — hopefully after I put the milk in the fridge.

I’m so sad that marathon typing is not an Olympic sport.  

Did you know that writer’s have to do laundry, too, and our houses generally look like this?

Substitute the books for laundry, and you’ve seen my house.

Word of advice to anyone with an obsession that does not include laundry:  Buy wrinkle free clothing.

Writing is fun.  Laundry is not.  My dryer is dinging at me, but I have a chapter to finish.  

Call me insane, but the laundry can wait. 

As far as I can tell, laundry doesn’t care when you wear it.