Senseless Political Sarcasm: US politics

A few truths about politics in the USA.  

If you want to know how states are going to vote in a presidential election, consult a bookstore:


Statistics given by pollsters have been wrong so many times, we wonder if they’re putting percentages into a bag and reporting whatever number they grab from it.

We have Libertarian, Democrat, Republican, and parties few people have heard about.  If you have to ask, “what party is that, again?” it’s lumped into Independent, along with the independents, which can be quite confusing

Why would the Green party, Natural Law party and the American Freedom Party want to be lumped together?  It’s like having a worm salad while meditating to the sounds of chanting white supremacists. 

There’s even a Transhumanist party. 

They have a virtual poster, so it must be real.

If you don’t believe me, look it up in Wikipedia.  All the names are there, and more.  Sure, Wikipedia is a Godzilla-level encyclopedia put together by so many people that no one has time to correct the glaring errors — but it’s convenient.

Once upon a time, we had 2 major parties that became 1 monster:  Democrat & Republican.   During the late 20th century and early 21st,  the middle-of-the-road politicians in those parties were called DINO’s (Democrat in name only) and RINO’s (Republican in name only).  Every few years, the winning party would switch the heads off a body and continue doing the same thing over and over again while voters expected a different result.  

Then, socialists took over the Democrat party, and Donald John Trump took over the Republican party.

Barack Hussein Obama promised to fundamentally destroy transform America.  Donald Trump promised to bring jobs back to America and make the USA energy independent.

You could hear the cries of old-school politicians as they yelled into the night, “How dare they keep their promises!”

During the past 4 years, DINO and RINO are hard to find.  Democrat and Republican parties are more like the Bolsheviks (Russian communists who began the USSR) and the 2nd Amendment Militia (the 2nd amendment IS our right to carry any D@$#%d gun we want).

In the meantime, the #3-we-try-harder party people like Jo Jorgenson, who was the Libertarian candidate for president, reminded me of Captain America trying to get a little respect while Godzilla and the Cloverfield monster were fighting it out.

cinema | Welcome to my dreary life…

Captain America is here < >


If you’re confused, don’t worry about it. So are most Americans.  We want nothing more than the right to complain about our boring lives, but that tiny mental movie theater keeps playing the scene from Gone With The Wind where Atlanta is burning.

Gone with the Wind Timeline | Destination Hollywood Tribute

Well, that’s our lesson about US politics for today.  Who knows what city the next group of peaceful protestors will burn down.