Technologically Inept, part 2 1/2

Somehow, I managed to write over my post, Shameless Self-Promotion.  When you click on the link, it takes you to my post about insignificant peeves. 

There was a blank “Add New Post” page staring at me on the screen and I used it. 

Next thing I know, the comments for Shameless Self-Promotion and the likes were there, but not the original wording.

Just like most technological mistakes I make, I have absolutely no idea how I did that — nor can I blame this one on the cat.  

Waiting to strike at the worst possible moment.

Had I saved that post, I could have recreated it.  If I do manage to find a way to retrieve or recreate, I’ll not make the same mistake again…

…At least not this month.

Perhaps the universe thought it was too soon to advertise, but I doubt this little fractal of the universal thought is considered that important.

It’s frightening that I find it easier to use a pogo stick and walk on stilts than navigate WordPress.  Why the universe thinks it’s important that I remember how to do something that insignificant is a mystery.

It’s time to go to my Sunday scrabble game with my SIL.  No technology, just pieces of wood with letters on them, a game board, and a scrabble dictionary. 

Oh…and we keep the score on paper…by hand.

Yes, that’s one thing I can do without a computer, add the scrabble score.  It’s enough to know that these days many people need a computer to add two numbers together.  

If there’s an apocalypse, at least I’ll know how to give back exact change, and walk on stilts.