Shameless self-promotion

I call it what it is.

If you go to, and type in “books by Joelle LeGendre” you can easily find all 3.  If I try to put the link on this post, pictures of the books are turned into giant Amazon ads. 

It’s quite inconvenient — rather like having a cat sleep on your hand while you’re trying to use the computer mouse.

The writer’s mascot.

Here’s a synopsis:

ATTO RUN:  Alma Eriksson married Gregory Eaton.  Their income relied on a pyramid scheme.  They had a son, Greg Junior.  He worked for the IRS and turned his father in for tax fraud to earn a promotion.  Her husband dead from a heart attack, her home confiscated, Alma retained only one possession; a safe that stored her guns and jewelry.  With nowhere to go, she became a slave to her son.

She asked the universe if one man existed who wasn’t scum.  In reply, she was sent a female from another planet who resembled a man. When fertile, the species lays eggs that eats through a host.  The universe has a sick sense of humor (and, obviously, so do I).

HOLDING THE LINES:  Alma’s granddaughter, Annie Eaton, is running a cosmetics company — at the age of 17.  Alma is pregnant with quadruplets and looks like she’s 40 years old.  To find out why, you’ll have to read ATTO RUN.

IMMORTAL SANDS:   There is an immortality machine, and few have stepped inside it.  Babylon did so willingly as an old man, and it was fun to have the body of a young man again — for the first 1000 years.  After living 1.5 million more, he had regretted the decision many times.

He was supposed to become the next universal leader.  Instead, Babylon was ordered to mine all the ore on Earth by a leader unwilling to give up all that power.  Worse, Babylon was ordered to kill off the sentient species prior to leaving Earth.  Ninety years later, he is met by a battleship just as he departs toward home, and the blast turns everyone on his ship into immortal sands.

Fifty thousand years pass before a small part of him forms the body of a 7-year-old in the late 19th century.  Thus begins a 100 year journey to find the rest of his immortals sands, and devise a way to escape from Earth.

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That’s all.  Time for bed — if I can find a space between the dogs.

A writer has to sleep, too.