Political sarcasm

2016 Election Memes: Deal with it!

In the USA, November 3 is election day.


No, I don’t want to stand in line for 4 hours to vote ever again.  Early voting was an inspired invention, and I voted last week. 

It took a whole 5 minutes to get inside and 15 minutes to fill in the tiny circles with a black marker.  Don’t laugh — it’s not easy to do when you’re cross-eyed.

As voting day approaches, there is one thing I don’t like about elections.  Being bombarded by emails!

No matter what your party affiliation, the pleas for money seem to be created by one advertising company:

  1. My opponent is getting more money than me!  (Do they trade places every day?)
  2. Please, Joelle, send me money so that I can win against my opponent.  (I thought people won by their platform, not their bank account.  Silly me.)
  3. My slimeball, jerk-wad of an opponent is calling me names.  (Wonder why?)
  4. Why do you refuse to give any money to Slimeball JerkWad?  Don’t you care about our future, Joelle?    (More than politicians do)
  5. Please don’t pass up this important email.  (One-way trip to the spam folder)
  6. Your donation will be matched 6000%. (If that much money is already available, why do they need mine?)

My answer is either the delete or the spam button, depending upon how infuriated I am at the time.  Why?  When you unsubscribe from one, you’ve just admitted you have a working email address.  Another political ad takes its place. 

Actually, there is another thing I don’t like about elections — the number of trees that die to create flyers. Their remains make it from the mailbox to the recycle bin in 60 seconds.

I’ll be soooo happy when election day is over.  Especially if my candidates win.