Unnecessary sarcasm

Not my usual sarcastic self today.  Unnecessary laundry sucks the humor right out of a person.

No one to blame but myself.  I didn’t close the door to my bedroom.   

That’s all I had to do — take 10 seconds to close the door.  One simple act would have spared me 2 hours of laundry and an hour of cleaning.

My back loves a “bed” on the floor made from 7 moving blankets, with an inch of memory foam sandwiched in between the layers.  At least 3 of those moving blankets will be in the wash today, along with the sheets.

Oh…you need a visual?

Every time it rains, 4 of my dogs find muddy sand and play in it, ergo;

This bed used to be off-white.  The containers surrounding it weren’t decorated with speckles of mud.

The bull dane (aka 1st white dog) is presently licking the mud off of Rottie Mutt.

Yes, we have a 2nd white dog. She’s presently keeping Dingo mutt company — on the same bed, but in an area not as tainted with slick, wet residue.

If you’re thinking about adopting a 4-footed family member, please look closely at these pictures. If you want to hit something other than a punching bag, a dog isn’t for you.