WordPress! Bring back my Classic Editor!

As usual, I went directly to the classic editor expecting the usual screen with plenty of dark space on the side. Instead, I get an eye full of bright white!

The brightness on my screen is down to 29%. Any lighter and everything will be a very, very, very dark grey.

5 minutes of using this DAMNED thing and I have a headache!


Bring my CLASSIC editor, the one with the dark side bar, back.

Having the classic “features” available is like going to the store to buy a loaf of butter bread and finding it’s now made with lard and the package is half the size.

Good job, WordPress. You’ve managed to piss me off so badly I’m using curse words with out the #*%&$# whatcha-callit’s.


This thing SUCKS!

Excuse me while I look for my migraine medication.