Senseless weekend sarcasm : no respect

I think I know how Rodney Dangerfield felt.

We Get No Respect: Why Sourcing Is the Rodney Dangerfield ...

I feed my 4-footed family and what do I get?

A dog that rolls in the mud and then does this to my bed:

Oh yeah, she knows better, and that’s why she has perfected the art of “Cute.”

This is our bed time ritual:

  • I’m finally comfortable and ready to sleep.
  • Almost in the sleep zone.
  • I’m batted at by a paw.Β  “Mom, mom, mom, mom, play, mom, mom…”

Then there are the cats.

The Tiny Terror uses my computer as his personal bed

I ask, “What the hell are you doing?”

He looks at me like this:

Where is an exorcist why you need one?

Chili Coon KittyΒ  thinks my phone is his personal pillow.

I’m telling you — I get no respect!

But I get more purrs, fur, and love from my 4-footed family than any human deserves.