Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : “Work from home” they said…


I’m working on book 18 of my “First Level of Hell” series and this has taken residence in front of the monitor.

Yes — it’s the Tiny Terror’s turn to stalk my keyboard.

As a reminder, Chili Coon Kitty (Mr. Hot Stuff) usually commands that space.

The scene I’m writing is playing in my mind like a movie, and I’m typing it out at 90 words per minute.  


Until the keyboard lands in my lap.

Did you know that cat feet can topple mountains (of information)?

Some days I feel like this is the only way I’ll be able to work without distraction.

Then I remember I have a door to my office and cats aren’t that heavy…

Phase 3 Renovations Week 4—Moving Right Along at a Snail’s ...

…but fingernails down a chalkboard have no chance against the irritating sound of cats yowling and scratching to get inside.

There is still one weapon in my arsenal:  Food.


Cats are notoriously slow eaters.  I might have 15 minutes to finish a paragraph, unless he goes to sleep.

As you can see — that didn’t happen.

Fortunately, I decided to write this post instead of standing guard over the keyboard.  I think he recognized the WordPress Classic editor.  He can’t do much to it that I can’t fix.

After that, I did the unforgivable.

I stopped to make breakfast, and didn’t give him any of it, prior to a chore harder than running a marathon.  

From his perspective, I paid attention to dogs.  From the dogs perspectives, a bath is the worst kind of attention anyone could give them.  

The Tiny Terror left in a huff of protest, but not before licking up the remaining salsa on my plate. 

He’s out there — somewhere.  Waiting, watching…

I think he must have been a gremlin in another life.