My WordPress editor is no longer color blind.

I’m giving a big SHOUT OUT to Pankaj Kumar from WordPress.  

Realtime image of me using a computer


My wordpress editor is no longer color blind. 

In desperation, I had clicked the last 3 things on the top row before because

 1. I didn’t know what they were, and

 2. I didn’t know what I was doing…


… but NOTHING happened.  

He had to email me 3 times, and on the last email he had to send a 5 second screenshot with an animated arrow showing me where to click.   

Yes, I had tried clicking on the thing that looks like a digital image of a sponge before, but it didn’t work.  

This time, clicking it actually worked. 

However, I have to understand a painful truth: 

I learned to type on this…

Vintage typewriter, 1940s Royal KMM. All parts are there ...

…and my first telephone looked like this.

“Operator error” (aka “my bad”) is always my first choice as the reason something electronic isn’t working.

Thank you, WordPress, for understanding that writers are not always computer experts.