Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Color blind

It has been days since the latest insignificant 1st world problem entered my life.

You’d think a sinkhole had eaten half my home.

What, you might ask, is so catastrophic that I would write about it at 3 in the morning?

This particular irritation is the same one that doesn’t allow me to use strike-through, either.

My WordPress editor has inexplicable become color blind.

 I’ve tried writing the post on a word processor and copying it to the editor, but all the lovely colors disappear.

Try to see it from my perspective:

This is how I saw the world until age 12 or 13.

The very first thing I’ll see is a “red dress” or a “grey suit,” not the person.  Sidewalks are white(ish) and that’s what you walk on, not the green grass or gray road.    

All of this is a throwback to a time when I memorized OFLC3 on the eye chart so that I could pass that weird test I had to take at school each year in the nurses office.

Yes, there are a whole lot of issues more important, but…

… think of it this way:  The next time you go to dinner, pay $99 and the wait person fails to bring the dessert you ordered, are you going to shrug your shoulders and say, “Oh, well.”