Soul searching

If my sense of humor were a car, the gas tank would be empty.

I’m stuck on the expressway of life with 4 flat tires, 1 spare, and 7 dogs inside who are furiously barking to get out so they can chase all the speeding vehicles.

Well…my life isn’t quite that dramatic.

I’m tired, I have no energy to spare, and a couple of my dogs are escape artists who think it’s great fun to race down the dirt road in front of my home.

One of the offending dogs — after she rolled in mud and took over my bed

And so, today, desperately searching for inspiration, I opened Annette Rochelle Aben’s angel message.

Instead of the usual, “You will have a great day,” I get this:


Why can’t I have both?

All I want is for my dogs to be happy with a dog door they can go in and out of any time they choose, and 2 acres of fenced-in land.

That, and to find a publisher.

But, alas, I digress.

There is really no easy solution to this problem, and I am definitely NOT happy.

Has anyone in the blog-o-sphere experienced this problem and solved it?