Dreams you just want to strangle.


Warning:  Not a humor post.  Maybe tomorrow.

A woman listening to a radio, two people inside a derelict truck living with their infant, blasts in the background.


Message sent through the ocean:  This is the way to end it.


I stand, watching the image of a woman holding a radio to her ear.  She says, “This could end the war!”

The man standing next to her smirks, “It can wait until tomorrow.”

 “No,” she pleads with him.  “It can’t wait.”

And then I remember.


 I was told the message at the very beginning. 

By the time I’d watched all the drama unfolding,

I’d lost the message.


That seems to be the way life has been working lately.  Kill the message for the drama.  Watch the horror and forget the solution until our entire world is so steeped in chaos that we cannot stop the impending war.

The world is at it has always been, a roiling mass of humanity that reaches a boiling point. 

I look at the mass boiling over on the stove, throw my hands in the air and scream, “How can I stop it!”

 And then, there’s a whisper that says, “Simply turn off the fire.”