Senseless post-migraine sarcasm: Limbo

Winding down from battling a migraine is like having a hangover:  A real pain in the neck.

At work today:

Mostly, I was complaining and crawling.

I’m in that limbo where there are things to do, but my brain and body are laughing at my attempts, ergo; the only things I’ve accomplished after coming home from work are

  1.  A 2-hour nap
  2. Several games of computer solitaire
  3. Opening a canister of potato chips and eating half of them.

  • Yes, I did win all but 2 games.
  • No, I shouldn’t be eating potato chips.

At the risk of being catty yet again, I laughed when I saw this so I’m sharing it:

Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel like posting something meaningful.

In the meantime, have a McPope, and supersize it.

If you don’t hear from me by Saturday, I was struck by lightning, or had a heart attack from all the quarter pounders I’ve eaten in my lifetime.