Hurricane Meh

The things you think about when your brain is bored.

If you move your fingers one key to the left, instead of typing “for” you’ll type “die.”  Or, you could trying typing “Jo” and find you’ve typed “Hi.” 

But, alas, I digress.

Hurricane EIEIO provided my part of Florida with one lousy rain band. 

Are we being subjected to ridiculous names as part of a scientific effort to shame a hurricane?

That’s desperation at it’s worst.

On the bright side, this time it looks like the “name that hurricane” version of a rain dance worked.

That’s how superstitions start.  Mix a bit of luck in with partial reinforcement (think “gambling”) and people will do rain dances for eternity.

…back to hurricanes.  How about some fractured history?

Once upon a time, hurricanes were named after women:  Florence, Donna, and Katrina. 

Then the feminist movement said, “That’s not fair!  Name them after men, too!”  

So then we had Ike, Andrew and Hugo.

We used to have real weather forecasters, not people who went to acting school and took a special class one semester to learn how to say things like cumulus, barometric pressure, and longitude.  

Once upon a time, weather forecasters preferred easy names for faster communication.  If there were 3 hurricanes circling the Atlantic, you could say, “Ike, Donna, and Hugo,” within a few seconds.  Now there are crazy names like IsaisaisaisEIEIO.

I can see it now, the weather forecast person is pointing at 3 hurricanes and says (as she points to the screen), Hurricane Mephistopheles, Hurricane Antidisestablishmentarianism, and Hurricane Anomonopia are following each other toward Florida.  The brametric…uh.. bare meter…uh… The pressure will be dropping.

With that off my chest, it’s time to start doing some work.

After I have a nap with my cat.