Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : clueless

Once, it was fun to watch the world go by.

The only things a woman had to worry about were sexual harassment in the workplace and whether or not the guy you were dating was husband material.

In 2020, we worry about COVID-19 harassment and human traffickers.

Yes, life is fun when you’re clueless about the dangers.

Let me count the ways:

  1.  Being a prude is better than being subdued.  

Passive aggressive hippy - Meme Guy

Free love meant a girl couldn’t say, “No.”  This girl said no to the hypocrisy, walked away, and never looked back.  Isn’t it sad that I missed all those opportunities to get syphilis, gonorrhea and multiple yeast infections?

2.   Find someone your own age to marry. 

Older women and younger men. Hilarious! | Flirting quotes ...

Unless you’re an independently wealthy woman with a pre-nuptual agreement, a maid, and a work schedule that takes you away from home for days at a time, it’s not all fun and games.

Most of us, who had to pay the bills and clean house, soon learned that amazing sex can be great — when you’re not too exhausted to enjoy it.

3.  Your parents were right…

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…when they said that one day you’d understand what it was like to raise you.

4.  The learning never stops.

"Scientists don't know everything!" ...because if they did ...

Scientists used to say dinosaurs were slow and stupid.  We believed them.

My mom told her teacher that all the continents looked as if they had fit together at one time.  She was demeaned.

Strange how its all right for science to make gargantuan mistakes and laugh at us, but we dare not question the validity of science.

5.  Doctor’s aren’t perfect.

18 Memes That Describe Having a Bad Doctor Appointment ...

  • Ditch the doctor who doesn’t listen,
  • Ditch the doctor who pushes the same pills advertised on his wall.
  • If your condition might require pills or surgery, demand a second opinion from a specialist.
  • No therapist knows how to help you through grief as well as a dog or cat.

Things I need to learn:

  • Patience
  • I don’t know everything
  • Patience
  • When to keep my mouth shut
  • Patience…