Another 5 in the morning Omelet

Yes, it’s 5 in the morning and, as usual, my brain cells are scrambled.

By the way, the omelet I made tastes cheesy and beef sausagey and bean sprouty. 

While I munch on my mystery omelet, I’m in the process of transferring data from an older refurbished computer to a newer refurbished computer.  

There’s something about Florida heat and humidity that a computer finds as hard to digest as a cantaloupe omelet with Jalapeño peppers.

Not that another hour of sleep is going to matter, but Don Quixotic had his impossible dream, and I have mine.

And no Jalapeños will be killed in my pursuit for an hour of snooze time, nor cantaloupes ingested.

There may be a string of curse words as I fall into the abyss of sleep, just to bounce off the trampoline called NopeNotGonnaGoThere.

I’ll write more — when I’m coherent.

That might be in my next life, but…