Opinion sarcasm

MY CAT SAYS:  If you do not like my human’s opinion, she will not look for you, nor will she unfollow you, for she does not have a steel rod up her backbone.  Instead, I’ll lick my butt to show our disdain.

It appears that when one has an opinion….

What the hell?  My nose may be larger than Idaho, but I’m no snoot! 

Anyone who can’t stand the fact another person has an opinion that conflicts with their own has no concept of reality.

Dick:      What’s your favorite color?

Frank:    Blue.

Dick:      My favorite color is orange!  OMG!  We can’t be friends!

Yes.  It’s a lot like that.

Dick:     I got rid of my dog

Frank:  Why?

Dick:    He peed on my sacred floor once.

I have dogs that pee on the floor when there’s a thunderstorm.  I clean up the mess and love them no less.  Just don’t ask me how loudly I grumble when I’m doing it.

If I unfriended, unfollowed, and disowned every person who didn’t agree with me, I’d end up living in a place like this:

Instead of this:

Oh…wait…that’s my front yard.  

Perhaps that wasn’t one of my finest statements.

I’ll try this again:

  • “I don’t agree,” is an acceptable answer.
  • Skipping the post is an acceptable action.
  • If you’ve enjoyed someone’s humor blog for two years, it’s acceptable to unfriend them after being accosted by 2 solid months of “I hate all women” posts.

The “about page” is a warning that Two On A Rant isn’t just a sarcasm or humor blog.  

You can tape my mouth, but you’ll have to pry my keyboard out of my cold, dead hands.

You never know what is going to come out of our minds next.