Anyone else…

My apologies in advance: This post contains no humor.  Migraines seem to suck that right out of a person.

Anyone else get amnesia about migraine symptoms when one is coming on?

In this case, it was an a-typical vestibular migraine.

  • I haven’t had one of those in years, and
  • as the word a-typical states, it’s not the usual migraine where one side of the head is in serious pain.

For the past month, headaches varying from mild to sharp vascillated from front to the top of the head, back of the head and both temples.  Then, my glasses didn’t seem to fit right and my right eye felt swollen.  Tinnitus started to increase.

Sensitivity to sound started a week ago.

The “visual snow” began the night before. I opened my eyes at night and it was like confetti roiling on the ceiling.

Dizziness began yesterday morning — ever so slightly.  I was bending and fell onto the bed.  But I’m a klutz most of the time anyway, so I dismissed it.

At work, it was hard to concentrate.

Last night, the nystagmus was terrible.  I couldn’t get off the bed to stand because of vertigo.

Migraine meds are helping — not the OTC, but the prescription variety.

The last time it hit, it lasted for months.

I’m doing all right at the moment — there’s only a slight dizziness.

With a-typical vestibular migraine, one never knows what tomorrow will bring.