Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : humorless

Usually, there is humor somewhere inside this not-quite-right brain.

Finding a wet, sandy dog wiggling around on your sheets just seems to suck the humor right out of a person.

At 2:00am, the sheets, blanket and pillowcase were in the washer.  Then, I had to aim the fan at the wetness that was underneath the sheets.

In bed by 3 and up at 9, I began moving “stuff” off the shelves – and then move the shelves into the living room — so my better half can assemble my new monster-desk.

I just looked at the clock.  It’s 11:40.  It feels like I’ve been working 6 hours already.  A bill from 2009 was behind the shelf.  I can only promise the space is cleaner. 

What do I have to show for all my hard work?  A gallon of dog hair covered in dirt — and a headache.

It reminds me of packing for a move. 

In my naive days, I was thinking, “This room should take an hour to pack.”

A day later, I’d packed half the room and was close to melt-down.

I’ve had to pack up an entire house at least 4 times in my life.  Trust the woman who moved from Florida to Minnesota, to Wisconsin, to Illinois, to Kentucky, to North Carolina, Wisconsin, then California, Texas, and back to Florida. 

I don’t care if it costs $3,000 more.  If I ever have to move again, I’ll either be going to Forest Lawn Cemetery to avoid doing it, or I’m hiring packers.