Writing helpers

I’m looking for a new desk.   

The one I have now was purchased from Staples in 1997 for $100.   

It’s presently being held together by duct tape and prayer.

The one I’m salivating over is on Amazon and costs $500.  I fear it would be like putting a Davinci painting inside an auto shop.

Realspace Broadstreet Executive U-shaped Office Desk - Hutch sold separately

There are other factors leading me away from my dream desk:

  1.  The mouse catcher

2. The desk wrecker

And then there’s the wood chewer who often confers with the mouse catcher:

Any new desk will not stand a chance against them — unless it’s made out of Titanium and bullet-proof plexi glass.

Unfortunately, any desk put together that well will probably be worth more than my house.

Looks like I’ll be buying more of this:

Gorilla Black Tough & Wide Duct Tape, 2.88" x 30 yd, Black, (Pack of 9)